FastGrasp Frequently asked questions

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Why do I have to install a second add-on for confluence?
This is the only way FastGrasp can access your documentation since add-ons are not allowed to have cross-product functionality. The confluence add-on is listed as "FastGrasp Companion add-on" on the Atlassian marketplace. The companion add-on functions very similarly to the main Jira cloud add-on. Just install and the add-on Configure page should direct you to install the Jira cloud add-on if you haven't already. Likewise, installing the Jira cloud add-on should direct you to install the Confluence cloud add-on in the 'Configure' page. If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out on the support portal.
Is Confluence cloud the only place FastGrasp can pull documents from?
Right now, yes. In the future the plan is to integrate with other popular document sources.
Do you bill for both add-ons?
No. Your Atlassian account will only be billed for having the Jira Cloud add-on, 'FastGrasp for Jira', installed.
The FastGrasp 'Configure' page tells me I successfully installed FastGrasp. How come the 'Related Documents' section is missing?
It may be hidden. In the issue description box, click the three dot drop down button, and 'Related Documents' should be there. If not, please reach out to support.